About Advanced Engineered Pump, Inc.

We know A-C Pumps

Advanced Engineered Pump, Inc., a.k.a. AE Pump, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1999. The organization includes individuals who were with Allis-Chalmers Pump Company and also ITT A-C Pump after ITT acquired the A-C Pump Division. With many years of experience in pump design, application, manufacturing and distribution, AE Pump, Inc. is able to supply OEM quality precision manufactured pump components to maintain the many A-C pumps you have in service.

For well over 100 years, the Allis-Chalmers Pump group of the Milwaukee-based Allis Chalmers Company has designed, engineered and manufactured some of the highest quality, longest service-life pumps available to industry. With genuine AE Pump classic spare parts, your A-C pumps will continue to operate as designed and engineered for many years to come.

Who is Advanced Engineered Pump, Inc.?

We are a long-time company using the talents and capabilities of former A-C and ITT A-C employees and distributors to make available to you, the end user, the highest quality, dimensionally correct, competitively priced repair parts for your A-C pumps.

Continuity in Serving You.

Over the years, Allis-Chalmers’ and ITT A-C Pump’s marketing philosophy empowered a distributor network to bring its products to industry. AE Pump uses those same distributors who continue to maintain your records, and know your processes, installation, and equipment. These are the same people who stock AE Pump parts near you for immediate delivery.

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